About Us

Often small changes have enormous effects on people’s lives.

With over 30 years of experience working in human resource consulting observing and analysing peoples’ behaviour, we understand that is not necessarily people’s knowledge and skill that prevents them achieving what they want, but rather the ability to put that skill into action effectively.

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The Tilbury Group human resource consulting approach identifies and understands the barriers people place between them and what they want to achieve, and provides strategies and tools to move past those barriers for sustainable progress towards their goals, now and in the future.

The Insightful Beginning

The founding director and senior coach of The Tilbury Group, Maurie Eales, realised very early in his management career with the world’s largest cosmetic company that the key to success was people – understanding and managing them to achieve their goals – which would then deliver great results for the company.

It meant finding out what worked and managing people to effectively put those successful steps into action – over and over – always being measured against the desired outcome.

Listen, Respect, Support And Action.

This approach was successful and The Tilbury Group was formed to go past the traditional human resources consultant approach of “training” people, and instead helping people to understand themselves and those in their world by identifying their strengths and limitations. This helps them to gain confidence from their strengths and turn habits that don’t work into actions that do.

We see people as infinitely capable and our methods are non-judgemental, respectful and always focussed on what you want, individually, as a team or as a corporation. It’s about helping you with the HOW and identifying and moving through the barriers that get in the way.

Who Benefits?

As the Tilbury Group unashamedly focuses on what you want, all who are involved in our process benefit and take understanding, knowledge and practical tools that help create a sustainable future.