Your Barriers

Are you a manager confronting challenges you have difficulty in resolving? Often it is simply 2 or 3 things that you could do differently that helps move past the barrier. Often a trait in our personality holds us back.

With the support of a corporate coach, you can gain an insight into your personality and ways you can be more effective in your life and workplace.

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Personality Traits

Can You Relate To Any Of These?

Key traits that get in the way of moving past barriers:

  • “I treat people well but they don’t do what I ask…”
  • “They never do it how or by when I want…”
  • “If only this, that or the other hadn’t happened…”

Sound Familiar?

You are not alone. The good news is you have all the answers, usually hidden cleverly in your comfort zones.

Corporate coaching can help you see them and take action to turn frustration into desired outcomes.

Top 10 Barriers:

Here’s A Myriad Of Barriers Managers Face:

  • Managing Difficult People – Read more here……….
  • Getting Others to take Responsibility
  • Lack of Effective Delegation
  • Managing Others through Discipline – Positively
  • Achieving Desired Results through Others
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Facing and Dealing with Difficult (uncomfortable) issues effectively
  • Effective Communication
  • Political agendas affecting company culture and thereby results
  • The ‘Nice Guy’ syndrome