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We hire people for their technical skills. We fire them for their behavioural faults.
Financial Times – Anonymous

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Most people hire on competence alone, often missing the most important dilemma in the process – the unsuitable job applicants often move jobs more often and so get the most practice, which can make them appear to be the best choice. The Tilbury testing system is the important difference in our recruitment service, as it helps to truly identify the winning traits of prospective employees. They can be evaluated rapidly and accurately, avoiding the costly exercise of employing competent but unsuitable staff.

The Tilbury group views the right person in the following ways:

  • He/She has the skills, experience and track record to be able to do the job required.
  • He/She has the attitude and desire to use those skills to help achieve the company.
  • He/She will be effective in a short space of time within the position.

The Tilbury system can highlight the reasons not to hire individuals. It identifies those personal limitations which can inhibit a person from utilising their knowledge, skills and experience effectively.

The unique profiling methods in our recruitment service uncover what is behind the applicant’s resume. This allows us to determine whether the candidate actually does what He/She says. We also acknowledge the personal traits which match the culture of the client company.

The system is a measure of attitude. It measures what they actually do in areas such as:

  • Communication
  • Team Work
  • Sales Ability
  • Ethics
  • Commitment
  • Results Drive
  • Flexibility

Because of this, we provide a highly effective recruitment service that is supported by a long guarantee period.