The Tilbury program helped me to take a helicopter view of our business and operating structure and realise that there were changes that needed to be made to facilitate the longevity of the working partnership between the directors and to continue to grow and develop the business. The change in structure will allow more focus on different parts of the business by the person best suited. I also enjoyed the experience of completely opening up to an outsider that can challenge us and ask the questions that we don’t want to hear.

Damien MahonManaging DirectorMid West Foods

Every single person in our Executive Team has benefited from the 8 week program and the fact that we have extended it is testament to how we have enjoyed the course and gained so much from it.

Toni AlderdiceDirectorMid West Foods

I enjoyed my sessions with Maurie and found myself looking forward to our weekly meetings. I always felt extremely motivated and excited after our sessions and now feel this way all the time. Maurie always made himself available to talk to me if I needed and I felt I could communicate completely with him about anything.

Caitlyn DickEstate ManagementRPM Real Estate

Extremely helpful and effective, I’ve learned more than I ever thought I would.

Lori RhodesSupervisorFlavorite Marketing

The best thing about the program was being able to talk about work issues in a neutral forum. I came out of every session more at peace within the work environment, with a calmer attitude.

Anthony JacksonHR ManagerCarter and Spencer (Brisbane)

The program is something I will always refer back to and help me to grow. The weekly sessions were great as it allowed me to put learnings into practice rather than put it off, knowing I would be held to account at the next session. The learning to deal with ‘Blockers’ was invaluable.

Sam BarnettBuilding SupervisorGallery Building Group (Sanctuary Cove, QLD)

The program was very personal and focussed on my particular requirements. I deal with a large number of trades and suppliers and the skills I have learnt have helped me to understand that good working relationships are about finding out what the other person wants and providing it to our mutual satisfaction.