Desired Outcomes

What are your desired goals and outcomes from corporate training? Our direction is dictated by you. Where do you want to be as a company and as a person.

Some common outcomes required by our clients:
  • A new way of doing things that gets better results
  • Effective working relationships
  • Moving past barriers
  • Getting the right tools to manage people
  • Resolution of difficult/unfamiliar situations
  • Achieving better results from difficult situations
  • Better performing teams
  • Fast, efficient results
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced customer relationships
  • Increased sales
  • Delivering an effective corporate training program across all areas of the business

Case Study 1


Upon being appointed Area Manager Hanka found the dialogue, negotiating, strategies and interactions between clients and herself much more demanding and intricate.


The Tilbury process of corporate training enabled Hanka to:

  • Enhance her perception of her companies approach
  • Improve communication with wholesaler and retailers
  • Improve communications with team mates


  • Achievement of the company goals
  • Clearly and effectively communicated the company changes to our wholesale and retail clients

I found that Maurie Eales effectively grasped our company concepts and strategies and has helped me to do the same, with great effect. My responsibilities have subsequently increased and the information, strategies and actions suggested by The Tilbury Group has created a significant positive ripple effect with my clients and team mates.

Hanka Bachledova-Hooper
Nestle Purina

Case Study 2


Poor listening skills. Not good enough to approach large corporate for business. ‘I don’t look like a typical corporate person’. Not worthy of being wealthy.


We looked at past behaviours – i.e. why she was a talker, why she self sabotaged, how she valued herself. Understanding her power. Looked at emotions vs. performance.


  • Improved listening/questioning skills
  • Learned to stay with the facts, not go with the emotions
  • Felt confident to approach large companies and comfortable being different
  • Running additional advanced courses and has developed business with larger corporate clients with increased income

My Tilbury Group coach is a highly professional coach and business advisor. She has worked with me for the past 6 weeks to enhance my strengths and give me workable systems for my challenges. She is an excellent listener and her encouragement and honest feedback have changed me in a way that will allow me to grow my business in directions that will be highly beneficial for me and my clients.

Judith Field