Shifting Barriers

How is it that we can’t implement what we know or have learnt? Barriers of our own making that “Get in the way” rather than actions that help us on the way.

Our management training program uses 3 Questionnaires, specially developed for creating a clear profile of an individual’s behaviour:

  • 1. Well-known Thomas DISC behavioural system

  • 2. The Tilbury Group’s Strengths and Limitations profile

  • 3. Personal Profile Analysis Plus

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Insightful Profiling Process

The Questionnaires identifies the traits that work for people along with the traits that limit their effectiveness – both the strengths and the limitations. This defines the GAP – the gap between the current situation and the desired outcome. It is an attitudinal rather than psychological profile, and allows the Tilbury consultant to develop one on one management training programs for their clients which, rather than being generic and off the shelf, are specifically tailored to the needs and the outcomes that they want.


The Tilbury Group process is a specially developed system for creating a clear profile of an individual’s behaviour and attitudes in a work environment.

Understand Your Profile

The results of this assessment are presented in an objective report which highlights strengths, limitations and traits that prevent people from achieving their personal, work and financial strengths and limitations.

Gain Knowledge. Take Control.

Based on your profile we provide tools and guidance on HOW to move past barriers. We tailor a management training program specifically to your individual needs and goals.

Create Opportunities

Your program guides you with tools and action steps to achieve your outcomes. These are just some of the areas we work with our clients on:

  • Ability to solve a problem
  • New approaches that work
  • Ways to resolve life’s barriers, issues & challenges
  • Setting and reaching goals
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Getting what you desire
  • Understanding what’s holding you back
  • Creating an effective department
  • Being more efficient

A Powerful Feeling

Your program leaves you with a feeling that inspires you with confidence to do more.

  • Breakthrough frozen barriers
  • Gain the power to change
  • Be in control
  • Know your direction and how to get there